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Daerrys Tilapia Ice Cream and Cookies offers a variety of products that aim to give consumers a more enjoyable way of eating protein.

You read it right! Tilapia ice cream is the recent addition to the growing trend of unique and interesting flavors of ice cream in the market.

At the same time, the research on tilapia ice cream scoops up the top prize from  National Symposium on Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resource Research and Development (NSAARRD).

Developed by food scientists and researchers at Central Lu-zon State University (CLSU), the tilapia ice cream is an enjoyable way to get the best out of what the fish can offer.

This tilapia food technology offers consumers a rich protein source without the fishy and smelly taste of the fish.

To share the taste of the ice cream with more Filipinos, Vera Bella Enterprises Ltd. created the Daerrys tilapia product lines. Besides ice cream, it also created other products, such as tilapia cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

According to Dr. Dana Vera Cruz, managing partner of Vera Bella, the motivation to pursue tilapia ice cream was to provide another option for addressing malnutrition and undernourishment in the country.

“The problem that we intend to solve here is the declining fish consumption of children. Incorporating fish into the children’s diet, and even those individuals who don’t eat fish, is an innovative way to provide them with the protein and other health benefits of eating fish,” Vera Cruz said.

Currently, tilapia ice cream is already available in the market. It is being sold in Daerry’s Scoop ‘N Bites in Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

Daerrys products are also distributed in Harvest Hotel, Caba-natuan City; Lumings Café, San Jose City; Milka Krem, Science City of Muñoz; Kafe Klasiko, Cabanatuan City; and at the Philip-pine Carabao Center at CLSU.

NSAARRD 2023 top prize

The paper, “Upscale Production and Commercialization of Daerrys Tilapia Ice Cream and Tilapia Cookies,” took the top spot in the Development Category of the 2023 NSAARRD.

Led by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resource Research and Development of the Department of Science Technology (DOST-PCAARRD), NSAARRD show-cases the outstanding contributions of individuals and institutions in the field of agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources research and development.

Image credits: Central Luzon State University

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